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March 2018 Update

There are new three new reports on the JSNA website:

The York Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (2018 - 2021) was approved by the York Health and Wellbeing Board in March 2018. It sets out the level of population need for community pharmacy services over the next three years and is designed to be used in the decision making process for new pharmacy applications.


The Sexual Health Needs Assessment (2018) examines the sexual health needs of people living in York. It includes data on testing and diagnosis of common sexually transmitted infections, HIV, teenage pregnancy, and the views of recent service users. It is intended to support sexual health commissioning decisions over the next three years. 


York's Older People's Survey (2017) presents the views of around 900 older people who completed a survey in the summer of 2017. The reports highlights important topics such as; health, the local area, planning for the future, finding information, feeling safe, social life, transport, and finances. The report offers key recommendations to partners across the city.