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Update: Covid-19, June 2020   Download this section

This report looks at health and society changes that have happened as a result of the covid-19 pandemic in York and North Yorkshire.

The report was written in May 2020. At that time, the early peek in cases had passed and the number of people needing hospital care had reduced. However, there is still community transmission, meaning the virus is still spreading between people.  

The report highlights that there are

  •     Significant impact on all-cause mortality (deaths)
  •     Significant impact on morbidity (illness)
  •     Significant unintended consequences linked to the system response (postponing some types of health care)
  •     Significant unintended consequences for society (economic harm, stress and mental ill health, missed education opportunities; all of which will impact the poorest and marginalised communities the most).


Covid-19 Rapid Health Needs Assessment, Phase One Report, May 2020

The JSNA group have also produced a rapid review into the impact of covid-19 on the voluntary sector.