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Population Health Hub

The Population Health Hub (PHH) is a multi-organisation group which brings together colleagues from health, public health, and business intelligence to enable, analyse and undertake public health management approaches. 

The Hub is split into two groups: the steering group, and the smaller core group. The steering group's function is to ensure the development and delivery of population health management programmes and the JSNA is well managed and embedded in local decision-making by the core group. 

From April 2022, the Hub will release a newsletter containing information on the different projects its members are undertaking. 

The first edition can be found by clicking here

A&E Activity by LSOA. This data was compiled by a member of the Population Health Hub Steering Group. It provides an analysis of A&E attendance by small areas in the City of York (LSOA). Rates are standardised by age and sex and gives us information on the charactistics of the population by location and levels of deprivation. This includes distances to hospital as well to GP practices and pharmacies. 

Primary Care Netwrok (PCN) Ward Populations. This gives a breakdown of the resident population of each of the five York PCNs, by ward. The PCN's are not geographical areas that can be drawn on a map, but groups of GP practices spread across the City. The residents registered to each PCN could reside anywhere in the city. The aim of this data is show if there are wards with larger numbers of residents at one of the PCNs, to aid with service planning. 
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