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NHS North Yorkshire and York published a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) in 2011 to fulfil the requirements of section 128A of the National Health Service Act (NHS) 2006. This required all Primary Care Trusts to set out the current services provided by community pharmacies and dispensing doctors. For North Yorkshire and York this covers the primary care trust geographical area and also the towns and villages across our borders where North Yorkshire residents access pharmaceutical services on a regular basis.

It also looks at the identified health needs and gaps in services where community pharmacies can provide, or contribute to fulfilling, these needs. As such the PNA is a key document for enabling NHS North Yorkshire and York to understand the needs of the population and to plan future services that will respond to these changing health needs.

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment is required to be updated by March 2015 and work is underway to update the information within it. In the meantime, the current 2011 assessment can be found here.

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