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What is a topic specific needs assessment?

A topic specific needs assessment considers a health topic or population group in significant detail.

Needs assessments give an indeapth detailed picture of one element of health and wellbeing in York. This can be informative when a health and wellbeing issue is thought to be rapidly changing, is not well understood, or not well reported in York.


How are the topics selected?

Topics are considered in response to the level of local need.

The first stage to suggesting a topic is to contact the JSNA working group. The working group will welcome suggestions from all organsations working in York. Send an email to healthandwellbeing@york.gov.uk  Please put 'request for topic specific needs assessment' in the subject line of your email.

All of the topic specific needs assessments are approved by the York Health and Wellbeing Board Steering Group before the projects begin.


Recently completed needs assessments:

Note: Needs assessments are not routinely reviewed or updated. Therefore some of the detailed facts and figures within the reports will now be out of date. However, the general sentiment and message of the needs assessments is still correct and relevant.



Sexual Health Needs Assessment


Homeless Health Needs Assessment



Student Health Needs Assessment

     a. Full Report

     b. Summary Report



   Learning Disability Needs Assessment


   Suicide Audit


   All Age Autism Needs Assessment


   Alcohol and Health Needs Assessment

    a. Full Report

    b. Summary Report



   Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment


   Poverty Needs Assessment


   Eye Health Needs Assessment



   Sexual Health Needs Assessment



Needs assessments currently in development:

Pharmaceutical needs assessment

Homelessness health needs assessment

Sexual health needs assessment


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