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What is a topic specific needs assessment?

A topic specific needs assessment considers a health topic or population group in significant detail. Needs assessments give an indeapth detailed picture of one element of health and wellbeing in York. This can be informative when a health and wellbeing issue is thought to be rapidly changing, is not well understood, or not well reported in York.


How are the topics selected?

Topics are considered in response to the level of local need, and are assessed using a matrix tool. The working group  welcome suggestions for new projects. Please send all suggestions to healthandwellbeing@york.gov.uk 

All projects will go to the York Health and Wellbeing Board Steering Group for approval before the projects begin.


Recently completed needs assessments



Healthy ageing in older adults, inequalities report 

Oral health needs assessment and report summary 

Mental health report into equity of access to services 

Self-funders needs assessment and report summary

York Armed Forces Community Survey Report

York Armed Forces Needs Assessment



Sexual Health Needs Assessment

Homeless Health Needs Assessment



Student Health Needs Assessment

     a. Full Report

     b. Summary Report

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment



   Learning Disability Needs Assessment

   Suicide Audit

   All Age Autism Needs Assessment

   Alcohol and Health Needs Assessment

    a. Full Report

    b. Summary Report

   Self-Harm Needs Assessment



   Poverty Needs Assessment

   Eye Health Needs Assessment



Needs assessments currently in development:

A report into people who self-fund adult social care in older ago

A falls prevention needs assessment


This page was last updated on 24 October 2019
This page will be reviewed by 24 October 2020